The Department facilitates the establishment of an integrated rural development by the provision of supportive infrastructure that transforms existing agric-production clusters into agricultural industrial hubs, while promoting and mainstreaming the various non-agricultural business investment streams of the rural populace into the economy for growth of the country.


The functions include:

  1. Providing the infrastructural needs of rural communities to enhance the socio-economic, cultural and livelihood of the populace
  2. Providing support to investment and the development of the non-crop enterprises to sustain all year-round wealth creation that improves the nutritional and health standards in rural households
  3. Mobilization of rural dwellers living in clusters to establish critical nodes for the transformation of rural communities into industrial hubs of development;
  4. Transforming existing micro production units (Enclave projects) into feeder (Consolidated) clusters that supports the Staple Crop Processing Zones (SCPZs) with raw materials
  5. Engaging in community mapping and monitoring to accelerate the conservation, development, and utilization of natural resources in rural communities.
  6. Facilitating institutional mainstreaming and capacity building enhancement to harness the potentials of rural dwellers in an integrated and sustainable manner for the purpose of optimizing productivity of agricultural investments.
  7. Establishing rural sector Data reference centre to support the implementation of the National Policy on Integrated Rural Development (NPIRD)



The Department is comprised of four (4) divisions and 2 units, namely:

  1. Rural Infrastructure Division
  2. Rural Financial Institutions Development Division
  3. Non-Farm Employment Support Services Division
  4. Rural Community Mobilization Division
  5. Policy and Data Management Unit
  6. Administrative Unit